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Produzione tessile Colverde

Fabric production

Warping and weaving

SE.LE.MA. carries out different fabric processing such as warping and weaving. Warping is the operation of preparing the warp, in order to weave a high number of warp threads on a single warp. The main purpose of this technique is to make the threads more resistant to wear caused by the mechanical stresses of the frame.

To carry out this operation we use industrial machinery, the warping machines. Another necessary operation is weaving, carried out on the industrial loom which has as its ultimate purpose the manufacture of fabrics. The weaving operation takes place through the interlacing operated by the loom of threads obtained from textile fibers.

Our goal is the creation of a product, already chosen by several fashion houses for years our customers.
If you want to have more information on the types and prices of fabrics processed, you can find our contacts at the bottom of the site or in the Contacts section. By filling out the form you can send us your specific request along with your data. In a short time you will receive a reply with all the details on the fabrics produced, costs and delivery methods.

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